Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogs for You

As some of you might have noticed, I updated the look of my blog yesterday. I still need to fix all the crappy JavaScript and such, but I think I like this new look more. I am still not switching to blogger’s new widget system, but I will hopefully improve some features of my blog. Things to look forward to:

  • Fixed JavaScript
  • Collapsing Navigation and DevoLinks
  • Updates to Links section
  • Updates DevoPlace
  • More and Better Random DevoPics (they don’t work at all right now)
  • And of course, more posts.

The thing that inspired me to change around my layout (color scheme more than layout to be perfectly honest) was working on Lynden’s blog. Notice the similarity between his visual theme and my new look (also notice the powered by DFR bit in the top right; I have no shame).

The inspiration behind this post, however, is to point out some blogs I like and follow that I have not added to my DevoLinks yet (although expect them there in the next few moments).

Random Musings

This is a well written little blog by Oliver. Like me, he has a tendency to abandon things after a little while, but hopefully he will stick with blogging. So far the blog is only three posts long, but they are all interesting and will written (although I guess the latest post is just one big quote).


I’ve been following Jesse’s blog for a while now. It is a sizable 40 post blog (same size as this blog) and a lot of it seems to deal with Jesse’s personal experiences, but that is a lot of fun to read. I recommend this, but if you don’t know Jesse and read his blog, that might be a little bit creepy.


This is Lynden’s brand new blog. His old MSN Live blog was interesting and this one promises to be even better (since it doesn’t involve Microsoft).

This blog is huge and updates extensively. It keeps me up to date on the blogosphere. You can read a lot of funny stuff here, but mostly it is just a link blog. So it usually links to various outside sources for your enjoyment.

Kraezymann Forums

Not a blog, but a forum. It has moved to be hosted by Ben at happyspork. Go there and make an account and join in on the discussions.

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