Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why We Hate IE6 Part 2

As Anonymous posted under “Why We Hate IE6”:
Screw IE altogether!
The world's crappriest browser.

I did not believe that at first, but earlier today more bugs came from internet explorer. My blog no longer shows up with IE at all. I will fix the problem as soon as I can. On Macs (when running IE) the blog still shows up but with formatting problems in the right sidebar. I think the errors are from the new Google Maps feature I added, and I will make the feature invisible for IE users as soon as I can.
To make matter worse, my great grandmother died today. This of course is not related to IE at all (or so I hope), but I only found out moments ago as I was writing this post. I hope she is given a nice funeral, I wish I could attend, but my papers are expired and I would not be granted entrance into my mother country.

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Blogger dino said...

Sorry for you grandmother man.
And I sure hope it wasn't IE's fault. :p

6:28 PM  
Blogger Devil From Russia said...

Hmmpf, problem fixed again. As expected it was the new Google Map code... I must have coded something wrong. I followed the simple fix and just made it so that IE users will not load the Google Maps (ya I'm lazy). I understand that they can view my blog now, and that is the important thing (since you IE guys make up a big chunk of my readers). I will fix the actual code later on. I can't right now because it does not misbehave on my IE browser (even after I clear out all Temp Internet files and History).

7:46 PM  

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