Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Book Review: The Da Vinci Code

My affair with the Da Vinci Code started when I learn it was voted as the number one book of all time in some rather big internet survey. I knew that the book was not that good, since I saw many other pop novels above classics on that list, but my curiosity was stirred. A couple of weeks ago I finally picked up the copy of Dan Brown’s book that was laying around my house from when my mother left it there to collect dust. After reading the first twenty pages I was astonished. Now please do not misinterpret my astonishment as some sort of praise, for I was astonished at just how bad this book was. I found Mr. Brown’s writing style atrocious and could not bear to read any more of the book. I discussed the novel in a phone conversation with my mother and she reinvigorated by her comments that the book was an entertaining read.
I took her word for it and got back to reading the book. I finally finished it a little while ago while coming back from my ski trip. I have to say, the book did not cease to amaze me as I read through it. Once again, I am not trying to compliment; it was defiantly not the story twists that were amazing me. I was astonished at the fact that a book that was this badly written, with such badly developed characters, actually got popular.
After thinking about the book and the author for a while, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Brown was not an idiot, but in fact a genius. He has made a book that is bland in its wording so any American can read it and filled with cheap page-turning tactics. He added the sacrilege to it to gain the attention of readers, and made a bestseller.
I have nothing positive to say about the book, and very few general comments on it. The ending in particular left unimpressed with Dan Brown’s writing abilities. I do not recommend this book to who enjoys a well written peace and I have no hopes for the movie. This book might make a good beach mystery, but that it is all that it deserves. I am ashamed to see that it was voted the best book of all time.



Blogger OnHech said...

I found the book readable. But i agree with Artem that in and of itself it is not worthy of the attention it receives. I have no clue why it did so well, but once again i don't regret reading it.It is a entertaining book, but not very deep. A better book by Dan Brown would be "Angels And Demons" which I found better written and in general a better plot.

Also I have watched the movie in theaters, and left thinking, but not impressed. The ending seemed very rushed and leaving too many gaps, which the book does to a degree. Overall the movie was a disappointment to me.

So to sum it up. Decent book but defiantly not what its cracked up to be.

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