Monday, March 26, 2007

Quebec Election

The Quebec election has come to a close. I have no clue what that means for me, since I have not been following politics and especially Quebec politics recently. However, looking at the numbers there are some surprising things. The seats were split up by:

Liberal Party – 48

Action Democratique – 41

Parti Quebecois – 36

That is a very drastic change from the last election (2003):

Liberal Party – 76

Parti Quebecois – 45

Action Democratique – 4

But in general, Quebec politics seems to be very swingy, if we look at the one more election back (1998):

Parti Quebecois – 76

Liberal Party – 48

Action Democratique – 1

It is good to see Quebec voting on the left and for me it surprising to see Quebec caring so little about PQ, especially with the recent Liberal scandals and such. The ADQ leader is definitely happy today. Good for him.

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Blogger Jesse said...

This will not effect you. The percentages do not mean that people care less for the PQ, as the voter turnout was relatively low, and it's anyone's guess where the low-turnout demographic usually puts their votes.

Although, to me, it is pretty obvious that people stopped caring for the PQ as much when Harper gave so much money to Quebec. The PQ now have less to campaign with (but they will retain many separatist zealots), and now the fiscally conservative (and less separatist compared to the PQ) ADQ's and the socially liberal Liberals will find themselves vying for popular support, though given the history of Quebec (there's a reason why there's no provincial Conservative party there), I would have guessed the Liberals would win if the PQ were to fall behind (that's one part where I would have to live in Quebec to guess, as that's political-culturally based).

10:39 PM  
Blogger Devil From Russia said...

People really hate the Liberals here. That is why they only got a minority. Their leader almost didn't get elected, but after a recount he still got in (how we love recounts). As for the ADQ's being "fiscally conservative", I can't say I have specific fact to counter that. However, the impression I got from my French buddies is that they are kind of like the Quebec NDP.

6:44 AM  

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