Friday, October 14, 2005

Welcome to the Devosphere

So let’s start this blogging thing. What can I really say about blogging? Well, I did the teenage angst blog: that was okay, although pathetic. Livejournal is good for that sort of thing. Blogger here though... this has taken the Blogosphere to the next step. We have left the stage of needless teenage angst provided by such thing as Livejournal (and now MSN Spaces) and entered the world of publishing. This seems very much a more formalized place where people can post their opinions instead of their angsty life. I have not really looked around the blogs on this site but hopefully when I get around to it I will not be disappointed.

I will be going away to University after this school year ends, so hopefully this can be one of the ways I stay in touch. Most of my friends are staying here and attending the University of Saskatchewan, but my parents will kill me if I do. They think (and I mostly agree) that the UofS is a second rate University; hence I will be going out of province and after undergrad out of the country.
I have recently narrowed myself down to 3 Universities: McGill, McMaster and Waterloo. However, I still do not have an exact idea of what I want to do, or even what field I want to go into. I want my blip of an existence to make a difference and have some sort of impact. I want my job to involve people, and yet still apply some of my analytical talents.
My mom is a doctor and she wants me to become one too. She wants me to grow up and take over her practice. However, I am not interested in medicine. I have more interest in my father's field: Physics. However, he has a dual PhD in Physics and Mathematics, so I have too much to live up to there. I am also interested in Political Science, but sadly that is not a good field for making money.
I do not want to sound shallow and centered on money. However, I grew used to a lifestyle that requires a good amount of money to maintain. My parents will pay my way through University, but it is below my dignity to rely on them even for one day after I am out of school.

But bringing this back to blogging, this was an example of the sort of things you might see from me. Most posts, however, will involve more real information and less about me. This is more of an introductory post saying a bit about me and why this blog exists. My friend Kumaran brought me back to blogging and introcuded me to blogger, so check him out. Hopefully I will update regularly and make this blog interesting enough to be worth reading. Have fun in the blog of Devil from Russia, and remember, always bring a map when you enter the blogosphere!

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Blogger dino said...

Great first post. Keep it up. :)

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