Thursday, January 05, 2006

Canada vs. Russia

Today Russia lost 5 – 0 to Canada in the gold medal match at Junior Hockey World Cup. It is time like these that make me struggle with my identity. On the one hand I am a Russian patriot; on the other hand I enjoy Canada. I decided that I would be sad at the Russian defeat for two key reasons. The main reason is that I am Russian and I need to hold onto my Russian pride. The second reason is that most people will be happy that Canada won, and I want to be a thorn in their side.
Picking between Russia and Canada is one of the hardest choices for me when it comes to allegiance. I mean picking between something like Russia and Ukraine, or Canada and U.S.A is a no brainer. In the resent Gasprom affair between Russia, Ukraine and Europe, I was quick to side with my motherland. I found myself ridiculing a Ukrainian on the radio who spoke for the Ukrainian side of the issue, because his points were absurd. I was also deeply disappointed when the EU did not give Russia or Gasprom any support against the thieving Ukrainian government. Ukraine spoke like we were raising prices unjustly, while we were just trying to bring them to the market standard instead of selling gas for ¼ of its price to those orange revolutionaries.
In the end, hockey is not a big part of my life. From a purely sport view, I have no allegiance to either team. The only thing binding me to the Russian team is national pride. What really matters is that the Finns beat the Americans and kicked them off the podium.

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Blogger Yunjun said...

heh, you and your russian pride. for myself, i guess im gradually losing it. i mean, i don't think nationality matters any more. although i get pissed off once in a while when Japanese officials pay homage to those who invaded china duirng WWII. but maybe it's more justice than nationlism. but oh well. For me, my identify is just myself. doesnt really matter im chinese or not. im being who i am, doesn't necessarily have to act like most other chinese.

5:22 PM  
Blogger itceremony said...

Responding to a previous comment: 1.5 billion of individualists is a scary thing. Hope, China will keep its ancient traditions in tact.
Speaking of the Russian pride, it is about time to stop being an invisible minority and represent Russia with dignity, even when she goes through one of the worst periods in its history.
Artem, keep up with a good work.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Yunjun said...

In my opinion, the influence of one country or one culture will get less and less important and eventually get mixed up with other cultures.
there is no real pride in being chinese, russian, american or anything. we all just simply live our lives and try to find something to be proud of because we live a normal human life and we need some "identity" and uniqueness. but in the end, we all are just humans.
I believe "globalism" will prevail in the end. Looking at the where the world is going now,(Canada and US are have almost no difference. EURO country, NATO, african union thing) one can well predict that Earth is going to be one unified country. although how we get there and when we get there remain a question

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Devil... Your Canadian now... if you don't wanna get lynched you need to support our teams. if not.. well I'll have to come over and show you what exactly happens to people like you.. It involves nails and sticky tack.. I'll let you figure out the rest. Yunjun.... Stop being so deep, you know the only reason I'm friends with you is cause your Chinese. (jk) anyhow i agree with him.


12:37 PM  

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