Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why We Hate IE6

Another small post because as the reader can see, I have been remodeling my blog lately (and that took away writing time). I have been making the posts resize to fit your screen. I know it might look kind of bad right now, but I will be adding another sidebar on the left with navigation and things will look better. Expect more improvements soon.
Unless of course… you are running IE! Gah! I tested my new CSS style on Mozilla Firefox and it was flawless. Oliver then checked it on his Mac with Safari and it was flawless, too. However, when you run IE on the Mac, the sidebar becomes superimposed over the post text. If you are running IE6 on Windows then the sidebar is just gone. Just freaking gone!
I am very much angered by IE’s incompatibility with all other browsers. In due time I will fix up the errors happening with IE, but for now all the IE users will have to put up with no sidebar. Sorry.
I cannot wait until IE7 is released along with Vista. Hopefully version 7 will be at least half-decent.

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Anonymous Jill said...

Also, you might want to run this through with older versions of browers. I think you pretty much have to have the fully updated version of your browser in order for the thing to work. Or maybe not.

12:04 AM  
Blogger dino said...

You shouldn't leave it like this. It gets annoying for those who are forced to use internet explorer.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Devil From Russia said...

There.. problem fixed. The blog now works with IE6. I will try to follow your advice Jill and try it with older browsers.. but I don't have any installed. For now I think I will be satisfied with my layout running on IE6, Firefox and Safari.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Rasengan Zero said...

Hey, your blog finally works again on my browser (Firebird)! =P

Anyways, I think it looks pretty decent. Good job so far! *pats Artem on the back*

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Ben Anderman said...

Even when IE7 is released, no matter how good it is (I doubt it'll be that good,) you'll still have to support IE6 for a long time. IE is pretty much the most annoying thing about web development. That and there being no easy way to vertically center things with CSS.. at least, I've having a problem with that right now ;) Anyway, what you said is a very common scenario in the #web channel on freenode. If you're gonna continue learning web development, I would suggest checking out - I learned a LOT there, and have had a lot of fun. The people there, although some of them didn't seem that nice at first, actually are very nice; 2 of them even sent me something in the mail (one from the US, one from Sweden,) and I got a free domain there and free hosting for it (though I don't think that's very common; I was just lucky.)

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw IE altogether!
The world's crappriest browser.

12:03 PM  

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