Friday, October 21, 2005

Importance of One Set of Words

I was going to make a post about my debate competition today. However, I do not have nearly enough time for an extensive post. Instead I want to talk about the speech round and in particular the comments of one of my friends and judges. I was feeling kind of down after a below-mediocre performance team wise in debate and was not personally impressed with my individual impromptu speech afterwards. However, a judge of mine gave such a huge compliment about it afterwards and I was very much flattered. The event raised an interesting topic for me: “the importance of approval of the people you admire”. I think general approval is good and general praise is good, but nothing is better than the praise of someone who is either better that you or someone you look up to, or both. I think the best kind of praise you can receive is true genuine praise from someone you look up to. Today really highlighted that issue for me and I felt obliged to post on the importance of praise from your role models.



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